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SecureVisio is an integrated platform that strengthens the organization in key areas of cybersecurity management, in strategic, tactical and operational aspects. It is a system with simultaneous implementation of threat detection and incident handling mechanisms, supported by automated inventory of resources and processes, vulnerability management and risk analysis. SecureVisio is a unique set of functions integrated in one platform, created from scratch, which constitutes a complete security management system.

System overview

One platform to detect and manage incidents, vulnerabilities and risks

SecureVisio allows for interactive incidents handling and for IT security planning. It combines business and technical security aspects thus assisting the organization in carrying out key tasks and sustaining operation of critical processes in the organization, such as:

  • Quick and correct handling of security incidents
  • Cost-effective IT security planning
  • Business resilience by focusing on IT systems supporting critical business processes
  • Designing and auditing technical security measures that are adequate to business needs and the requirements of the lawojektowaniu i audytowaniu zabezpieczeń technicznych adekwatnie do wymagań prawa i działalności biznesowej organizacji

SecureVisio NextGen SIEM is a new generation Security Information and Event Management solution designed to meet modern security requirements enabling rapid detection of incidents and other threats.

SecureVisio SOAR is a specialized Security Orchestration, Automation and Response solution for automating management and response to incidents and improving other security management processes.